Protect Your Website’s Name!

Your website’s “domain name” (for example, mine are and is a valuable business asset which you should protect just as you would your bank account or the keys to the door to your business.

It’s not hard to ensure your domain name is safe, but there are several simple steps you must take.  These include:

  1. Make sure your domain registration details are current, especially the email address associated with the “administrative contact”.  If there’s a problem with the domain name, or when the name is approaching its renewal date, email is sent to the address for the administrative contact.  If you are no longer using that email address, you could miss critical notifications.
  2. Make sure you know how to access the management website for your domain registration. Make sure the password needed to log into that page is “strong”, and that you have that password stored someplace safe and secure.  If you ever want to make changes to the registration, or you decide to move your website to another hosting company, you will need access to the registration management tools.
  3. If your domain name expires (you will know this because your website and associated email will cease to function), take action immediately. There is a brief window (typically 30 days) during recovery of an expired domain name is relatively easy.  There may be fees charged to retrieve the name, but it’s possible to avoid having your website suffer serious down time.
  4. Finally, understand who is providing the domain name registration service, and ignore all name renewal “invoices” from anyone else.  Sadly, there are several companies with official sounding names, who prey on business who unwittingly respond to their scam mail.
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